The Amazing Lions

What do lions eat

Lions eat amazing stuff for example, Lions eat Zebras,Water Bucks and even Buffalos. Male Lions like sleeping for twenty three hours a day, that’s even more than humans sleep. And the Female Lions are the ones doing all the work like hunting. Wow, did you know Female Lions are named Lioness? There are so many facts about Lions that you would want to learn.

Where do lions live

Lions like living in Africa because they like living in hot places. That is what makes it easer for them because theres lots of tall grass there and they are brown so that would help them camouflage better. Lions also like living in the Savannah the desert and even the Safari. Wow there are so many good facts about Lions that you can search.

When do lions hunt

Lions like hunting in the morning. Lions are really smart and they like hunting in the morning because that is a good time for them to attack their food because their food is sleeping! They also like hunting in the afternoon and at midnight because in the afternoon they can camouflage even better in the after noon. They also like hunting at night because some animals would not be able to see them at night.

by:Sila o