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October 2021

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Message from the Superintendent

Dear Emery Community,

Thank you for bringing your enthusiasm every day as we keep working together to advance the education of our students. Throughout the school day and during our after-school programs, our students have access to resources that motivate them to learn and inspire them to succeed.

At EUSD, we are combining hands-on activities with a high-level approach to technology in a way that supports the students’ curiosity and creativity. We believe these are important steps to the development of life-long skills that will greatly expand their opportunities, whether they pursue a path in science, technology or any other field.

We appreciate our students, staff and families’ efforts to follow the safety protocols that keep our schools open and our community healthy. Thank you for also being part of our COVID-19 vaccination and testing initiatives. Together, we are making a difference.


Dr. Quiauna Scott


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Recognizing Academic Progress in EUSD

Inspiring a Love for Science

“When students become interested in all the amazing things they can accomplish through science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), a new educational opportunity grows”, explains Dr. Mila Kell, Director of Instructional Programs.

At EUSD, we pursue different strategies to engage students in learning and prepare them for a world that keeps evolving every day.

We have designed classes, after-school programs and clubs to provide experience and knowledge in a variety of fields. Coding is one of them, and Mr. Leonardo Reynoso teaches coding during the school day!

Computer language can open many doors to the tech world. Our Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Verizon program sets the scene for developing creativity in every session. The after-school program LocoRobo Education lets students explore real-world coding through modern, drone technology that is shaping the future of problem-solving in medical, commercial, and space applications. There is an opportunity to be part of the advanced TryDrones program, which features a competition-based learning approach immersing students in the technical challenges of modern drone technology. Children will use drone kits to build manual and semi-automatic drone technology to participate in local competitions, and finalists are invited to regionals! Every chance to learn is exciting in our after-school programs.

The Makerspace labs at EUSD are fun and exciting for our students! You can get to know more about what they offer in the next article!

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Makerspace and the Opportunity to Be Creative

We have established two Makerspace labs where students can explore, be creative and learn skills that inspire them to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering or math, while also developing their knowledge of teamwork and entrepreneurship. These are special programs located at the high school premises.

Mr. Alvin Burns is a science teacher in charge of the Makerspace lab for high school students, which is now in its second year. In the Makerspace lab, students create their own board games by working together in teams. The plans for the future are plenty. We anticipate new 3-D printers to be used to design products and teach students about coding, programming and computer science.

Robotics is another great program where students can work with small crafts and welding. Brainstorming is a key aspect of these initiatives, and students get a flavor of the world of business and marketing. These are skills for life!

Ms. Dawn Turner is in charge of the Makerspace lab at the library, which recently opened for students from 1st to 6th grade. After many months of a virtual setting for children, the opportunity to work with hands-on projects is exciting for all. Encouraging critical thinking and problem-solving skills is part of the experience of the Makerspace. One of their first projects has been designing paper circuits, lighting up school buses, fire trucks, police cars and traffic lights. Working with robotics is also in the plans. We envision our students as the engineers of the future, with the support of our business community and educational partners in our area, they are on their way!

Vaccination Clinics at EUSD!

We will be sponsoring two COVID-19 vaccination events at Emery High School on October 20th and November 10th from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

At EUSD, we encourage all members of our community that are at least 12 years old and eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. Please note that minors will need their parent or guardian’s authorization to receive the immunization. These initiatives are crucial to keeping everyone safe and our schools open. We all can be part of the efforts to have a healthy and successful school year!

Register here:

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Vaccination opportunties at EUSD
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For a Bright Future: College Night on Tuesday, October 19th

Inspiring and helping students to pursue a career and higher education is a key goal of this fun and informative event. Don’t miss College Night 2021! Please join us on Tuesday, October 19th from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. There will be over 40 colleges and universities participating. The event is open to all students and will be held via zoom. Making progress towards a life of achievements!

Register at

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