Respecting Others

by Jessica Prestwich

Intentions/Hope of Impact

Many students at Silver Creek don't feel respected at school due to the way others treat them and the things they say to them. For my project, I wanted to change that. I made little cards that said nice phrases on them, such as "You're pretty" and "You have a nice smile." I passed these out to other students at Silver Creek and asked them to pass them along. The students who received them would be able to feel better about themselves and feel like the other students respected them and cared about them.


Days before impact: The day I created my Instagram page and posted photos.

# of new followers: 11

# of likes: 15

Why is this getting attention?

Things like bullying at schools is very big. It's something that happens quite often and makes students not want to be there. They don't feel like people think they have feelings or respect them at all. This is a problem for many teenagers and my project tries to stop that, which makes people want to support it.

Type of Impact

I feel like my project made students at SCHS feel more respected and feel like they belong and people care.

What I Hope Will Happen Next

I hope students will begin to treat each other better and realize they need to respect each other more. I'm also hoping it will start a chain reaction because when people will feel respected, they will then respect others more often.