Documentary Analyses

Victoria Musson


The Hunting Ground displayed very effective elements of pathos/interviews, logos/statistics, and emphasizing the subject to achieve its purpose of causing awareness to the lack of intervention from the universities with sexual assault attacks on campus and to students,
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Pathos/ Interviews

In this documentary the director included very long drown out interviews from the victims, parents, and administration to help viewers understand whats going on from stories of real people who have witnessed and are dealing with the issues.The director does this so viewers hear and see the emotions from the interviewees. Many victims from different college campuses were interviewed and stepped up and told their stories this effected me because it was hard to hear what these victims went threw and made me feel sympathy. The interviews from the parents made me realize that when sexual assault happens to some one if does not just effect them it effects anyone who cares about them. The interviews from administration were of facility who would try to help these victims and later be terminated for "unrelated" issues. This effected me because it made me realize universities don't care about helping the victims.
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Logos/ Statics

In the Hunting Ground the directory used a lot of statics and sited every one he used. He sited authorities, university administration, doctors, journalist, and people who specialize in helping rape victims. This really helped make the documentary feel more trustworthy because they put in all the time to find these statistics and make sure they were accurate and sited.
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Emphasizing the subject

The directory really focuses on emphasizing emotional, criminal, and how long the issue has been going on. The film emphasizes the emotional aspect of rape by having the victims tell their stories out loud really showing viewers their emotional effects. The director shows the criminal aspect of the rapes by showing how little the police are doing on campus to help prevent and capture rapist. they display how long its been going on on campus by using archived video footage of what people on campuses use to do to help identify raspiest.


This documentary successfully achieved its purpose of informing people of the sexual assault on college campuses. They did a good job proving their points threw pathos, logos, and emphasizing the subject.