Arkansas Between the Wars


Oil & Boom Towns

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"Wildcatters" had discovered oil in Arkansas near El Dorado and soon people had come to strike rich. By the end of that decade, the oil boom had died out with production levels coming down from over 58 million to 12 million barrels.

Growing Violence

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People of the South were not happy about the way life in America was changing. Even though the Klan had become inactive coming after the Reconstruction, the support for their ideals had grown and membership was peaking more than 50,000. KKK members followed hatred and violence and showed this through violating black citizens, Jews, etc...

Flood of 1927

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Known as the most violent and costly flood in the history of Arkansas, it provided a warning message toward everyone that showed that these events can happen and relief is needed. The flood had covered about 6,600 square miles with about thirty-six out of seventy-five counties under water.

The New Deal

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With F.D.R. now elected, he created the plan the "New Deal" to create agencies and government programs to help with food, provide work, and build a better economy. These programs had helped not only the nation, but Arkansas in big ways which allowed us to come out of The Great Depression and bring us back to the power we were before.