Technology Class

By:Isabelle Holtz

Typing Web

*I learned how to type with accuracy.

*Everyday in technology, we start with 5 minutes of Typing Web.

*Keyboarding is helpful for your future so you know where the letter and numbers are on the keyboard.


*I created a video on the life of my dog.

*To create these I-Trailers, we used the app I-Movie.

*I enjoyed this unit a lot it was very fun to see the creativity of other people's trailers.

Haiku Deck

*I learned how to use this app, It is a great app to use.

*We used this app to tell the class about our Dream Job.

*I did my Dream Job as a Nurse Practitioner.

* It was fun to see everyone's in the classes Dream Job and learn some facts about the Job.

Explain Everything

*In this unit we had a presentation explaining a Math problem.
*You get to pick off the board what problem you would like to do.

*You record your voice use the pen and other tools to explain how to do the math problem.

Career Locker

*For the unit Mrs. Vandenbogaard came in and talked to us about the cost of jobs, and what jobs are a good choice for you, based on your hobbies.
*You can also play fun career games and when your done is shows you the jobs that might fit for you.
*Mrs. Vandenbogaard talks about the collages that there is and how many years that you would have to go to that collage to get you degree.


*Coding is a very fun unit, you use blocks to move objects to where they are Assigned to go.
*You can tell the object to move forward, turn left, turn right, etcetera.
*Learning how to code can be hard, but you get the fun out of it.