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Welcome to our team and THANK YOU for choosing to "purchase kit" - we are so happy and excited to have you! Our Facebook team page is "home" for our everyday activities, communications, and CHALLENGES but make sure to always cruise through Merch-Perch via your dashboard for your weekly planning. There are National Calls every Tuesday, other training's throughout the week, as well as additional resources available to you daily. Take my survey/questionnaire so we can see what works best for our communications, as well as start building an incredible working relationship. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email or text - plus book a "welcome" touch base call ASAP!
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Daily To-Do List:

Check your weekly planner, check our facebook page, check Merch Perch, and do your "Daily 5"!
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Featured Contact: Kyle Hjelmeseth

This is your associate director of field development and FAST START guru - also one of my #candibff's and what we at c+I like to call a "#candigent". My good friend and original mentor, Mr. Hjelmeseth! Check into all of the messaging from his team as well as your most valuable assets, the webinars and Academy... below is the "fast start" blog chock full of AMAZING content. Then the next event you can tap into is our "getting setup for success" call - EVERYONE should try to sign-up for this in their first week or two... then hit the ground running! :-) (Oh and the QUEEN with him is your fearless leader, Malia Adams.)

New Merchandiser TRAININGS

Thursday, Feb. 23rd, 6pm to Friday, June 30th, 8pm

This is an online event.

New Merchandiser Orientation: Getting Setup for Success (M-F various times)

C+I New Merchandiser Q&A (Tuesday 1pm & Thursday 10am PDT)

Online Office Basics (Tuesday 5pm PDT)

The Pop-Up Formula for Success (Monday 6pm & Wednesday 12pm PDT)

Online Pop Up Formula For Success (Wednesday's at 12-1pm PDT)

C+I Career Path (Thursday 12pm PDT)

Regiser here: http://bit.ly/fs-training-catalog

Team Contacts

Reach out to me with personal questions and use our facebook page to get answers, even quicker!