Egyptian Tortoise

By Gargee Khaparde

food chain and habitat

-herbivores wiki
-sustain themselves on whatever grasses and fruits they can find. ark
-desert, inhabits. ark
-fairly arid desert regions. ark
-the tortoises never stay in one place. wiki
-their shells are like portable homes that they take with them, they are nomads. ark
-can be found in Libya and
-Themselves, the tortoise's are not predators, but they are prey of birds and big cats. wiki


- original name- Testudo klienmanni wiki
-smallest tortoise inhabiting the northern hemisphere. ark
-has a high domed, golden colored shell. wiki
-color of the carapace can in fact range from ivory and pale, dull yellow golden, to a bright straw-colored brown. tt
- the dull, reflective colors give the tortoises protection from the sun as well as camouflage. zoo
-females are more elongated than males, and have longer tails.- the average female tortioise is about five inches and the male is about four inches. wiki
-neck is in hiding tucked into the shell. wiki


-its diminutive size. bgsu
-the small body gets warm quickly in the morning. bgsu
-a cold blooded animal. wiki
-survives better in the desert environment. km
- its reflective colors and shell keep the tortoise cool in the raging desert temperatures. km
-its colors also help with camouflage. bgsu

Reasons for endangerment

-habitat loss. tt
-with buildings being built in every available spot the tortoise's homes are being destroyed one by one. tt
- their size is what makes them so adorable and is also the
- the tortoises get illegally captured and sold where they are put in unhealthy and dangerous

critical information

-realizing that if they don't do anything soon the tortoise population will die out, people have begun helping the poor creatures. ark
- capture of Egyptian tortoises was initiated by Sherif and Mindy Baha El Din to be illegal. bgsu
-But illegal traders didn't give a care to the new law and went on selling them online. bgsu
-Eventually, the Egyptian government had gotten over 200 sick and unhealthy tortoises, and the endangered species list had a new animal on its hands. zoo
-many websites and companies have sponsered to getting the poor animal to safety and freedom. zoo
-With a little more help the Egyptian tortoise can roam freely once again.
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