Poe's Life

By: David Fyksen

The Oval Portrait

1)"We established ourselves in one of the smallest and least sumptuously furnished apartments."
This is the first personal connection due to the fact that I lived in a small apartment before.

2)"Rapidly and gloriously the hours flew by and the deep midnight came."
The second personal connection is because time loves to get away from me and I always see myself turning in homework around midnight.
3)"To all appearance it had been temporarily and very lately abandoned."
For my third personal connection this hit home due to the fact that when I moved back from Florida, our house here in Wisconsin needed a lot of work because we weren't living in it for a lot of years.
4)" As a thing of art nothing could be more admirable than the painting itself."
My fourth and almost final personal connection would have to be art because theirs nothing like a fresh painting knowing you made it and can do whatever you want with it.
5)"I thus saw in vivid light a picture all unnoticed before."
Last but not least my final personal connection in Poe's life is when me and my family went on vacation and in the hotel we were staying at had a really weird picture that scared me because I didn't realize it was their.
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