Tulsa Learning Academy Online

Providing a Different School Experience


We will open applications for the 19-20 school year Monday, June 3, 2019.

Students MUST be enrolled in Tulsa Public Schools before applying to TLA.

Click <HERE> to enroll in Tulsa Public Schools.

Guidelines for Sending School Personnel

It would expedite the intake process if the sending school would send the Grad Check- Full Report in a PDF from the https://www.tulsaschooldata.org platform. Then send the reports to Kay Dennis and Dixie Speer once the application is complete.

Thank you for supporting our students!

Alternative Approach to Serving Students

Tulsa Learning Academy is proud to offer a different school experience. Students can learn where they want! While the primary mode of instruction is online, our staff is dedicated to holding students accountable for being successful by providing one on one assistance/tutoring with coursework. We offer students the opportunity to accelerate graduation and/or recover credits and/or enjoy a different school experience. We are committed to cultivating relationships with students by focusing on academic success, career exploration, and celebrations.

Student Schedules

Student schedules are determined by student need. Once students are scheduled by their advisors, they are required to adhere to the schedule until they are back on track per their Success Plan and Pacing Guide.

Students may be assigned to a morning session or an afternoon session. Once students are in attendance, they are not allowed to leave until their session is over.

Monday– Thursday

8:00– 12:00 Morning Session

12:00-4:00 Afternoon Session

11:45– 12:15 Transition Time/ Student Groups


9:00– 1:00 Student Orientation, Parent Conferences, Advisement

Students will receive a Success Plan and Pacing Guide to keep them on track whether they need to recover credit, stay on track, or accelerate their graduation plans.

Myths About Tulsa Learning Academy

  • It is easier than regular school. Although the schedule may be more flexible, being successful on a digital platform takes drive, motivation, and a tremendous amount of family monitoring and support.
  • TLA is for “troubled kids”. Tulsa Learning Academy offers a learning environment that is different and self-paced. We have many students who are gifted and yet unsuccessful in traditional schools.
  • TLA students do not get socialization. TLA students may participate in their homeschools’ extracurricular activities.
  • TLA students will be bored working online all the time.

Who is Right for TLA?

¨ Students who have not been successful in traditional schools.

¨ Students who want to accelerate graduation

¨ Students who need to recover credits

¨ Students who may be anxious in a traditional school environment.

¨ Students not experiencing success in virtual schools

¨ Students with medical issues that prevent them from attending school full-time

¨ Students who feel bullied or unsafe in traditional schools

¨ Homeschool students


Alternative Education programs are specifically tailored to meet the needs from all different backgrounds, they just are not thriving in a traditional school setting.

Furthermore, students who want to accelerate credits or may lack credits can find a home at TLA. Students at TLA can earn up to 8-9 credits (sometimes more if they are motivated) in a regular school year. Most traditional schools are limited to offering 6-7 credits a year.

Experienced Teachers

Teachers are all highly experienced educators who are advocates for students. They are flexible and open-minded and recognize every student can learn and every student is deserving of a quality education. The environment at Tulsa Learning Academy is student focused and the friendly, productive atmosphere is grounded in mutual respect.

Student Intake

For the 18-19 school year, all current and new Tulsa Learning Academy students will undergo an intake process. Information gathered at intake will determine each students’ schedule. Physical attendance on site daily may be best suited for some students while other students may work more independently. Tulsa Learning Academy determines each students’ schedule to personalize and support students and families.