Intro of the Author

Priya Arupt is 17 years old. Her father is from India and her mother from The United States of America. Priya has a sister called Aliya Arupt who also uses smore. Aliya is Priya's twin but they do not look the same at all. Priya has a 20 year old brother named Arjun Arupt. Priya's family has been staying in U.S.A from two years before the twins were born. She still lives there now. However, Arjun was born in India. Even though she stays in U.S.A, Houston with her mom's relatives she goes to visit her father's relative very often too. Ok, now enough of my talk lets reveal the secret of Lira now!

Chapter one: Lira's Summer Break Begins!

"Lira, you are in Sixth grade now I should not always tell you to make your bed" Mum complained. "Duh!" I said. I went to my bed and moved the bed sheet a little. "There!" I said. "Liraaa!" mum yelled frustratingly. I rushed into my dad's office and fell in his arms. "Daaad" I said in a moody voice. "I am not on your side today!" dad said and came after me. I sprinted upstairs to my brother Carl's room. "Caaaarl" I screeched. "I had the plan ready" he replied and handed me a bucket of flour while he took the other one which he kept on his desk. "THREE, TWO, ATTACK!" I yelled. We both turned around and smashed our parents with flour. "We surrender!" dad said. "Oh dad, the cab is here!" Carl said dad and mom wiped of the flour and headed towards the cab so we can reach the airport because we are going to Hawaii for summer break.
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Chapter two: We reached Hawaii!

We reached Hawaii and checked into a Hotel called Le Meridian. It was a 5 star hotel. We took rest on the first day. We could see the beach from our hotel window. Whenever the Hawaiian room service lady came she gave us all those flower necklaces. They were so cute. Well, Carl did not like them. But we forced him to wear it so the room service lady wouldn't feel bad. In the night at 9:00pm the city looked really beautiful. We went to the swimming pool at the night. The pool looked beautiful. The lights, the peacefulness and there was a melody in the breeze.
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Chapter 3: Lira Now Knows. . . . .

The next day her family was going to a exhibition, but Lira said she wanted to go to the beach. So her parents forcibly left Lira on the beach alone until they returned. Lira was having fun in the beach but suddenly she started to spit blood. She was afraid and went to a man for help. "Sweetie, you bleeding where are your parent?" the man asked. Lira explained the man about the parents. The man took Lira to a nearby hospital. The doctor did some scans and said. She had cancer. Lira could not believe her ears. She went back to the beach in sorrow. The doctor wanted to see her parents so she said she will bring them tomorrow, but she knew she was not telling them because if she did they will be sad and she did not want to see her family sad in her last days.
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Two days passed in Hawaii. "One of the father's friends are calling us over for dinner Lira" mum said. "I am not coming" I said. Everyone started to yell at me. "What happened to from the last two days?" my dad asked. "I am not enjoying the summer vacation all because of YOU" mum and Carl said. I could not take it anymore I started sobbing and sobbing. "What is the matter honey?" my mum asked. "I HAVE CANCER!" I yelled while crying. Everyone caught on a shock. I explained everything clearly. The whole family was crying. They took me to the same hospital. "WOW!" the doctor said. "What is it?" my mum asked. "This is a miracle in the medical history. Your child has a cancer which tells the exact day and time she is going to die on" the doctor said. "When is it?" Carl asked swallowing some of the words with tears. "Tomorrow, 9:25 am." he said sadly. Carl hugged dad rapidly. I fell into my mom's soft body which I will never feel again. The whole night I slept with my mom.
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Chapter five: Memories. . . . .

It was time to say good-bye. Everyone kept crying. That was Lira's secret. But the only memory we have is this, the photo underneath
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Chapter six: BUT. . . . .

God always balances! I am the mother of Lira the god snatched away one of my child BUT he paid me back with another and I named her LIRA!
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