By, Peggie Pinteralli

What is CarpNap?

CarNap is a napkin holder for your car. Forget the messes in your car that include wrappers, water bottles, food crums etc. Now you can eat and keep your car nice and clean at the same time! Two hooks are on each end of the CarNap where plastic grocery store bags can be used as a garbage. Tissue boxes kept in the car are always getting knocked over and kicked out of it's original spot and hidden. CarNap has a soft pouch with tissues inside and easy to reach. The best part about this project is that it has a strap on the back so it can travel anywhere. Lets say for example, a bike, back of the car seat, the playground poles, or even just laying it down next to you or on the table!

Who is the founder of this project?

On a website called "Kickstarter", a variety of people share their ideas and turn them into projects to see if people would to back them. A man named Shawn Kohn is the creator of the CarNap and so far he has gotten 21 backers and earned $414. This project is pledged a $1,500 goal. All funds raised will be used to cover the cost of obtaining inventory.