Pandora and Globalization

Alli Connell G

Unit 1 Claim:

Geography effects where, why, and how people live where they do.

My 6 word Claim:

Globalization effects many people and communities.

Manufacturing and Natural Resources Map

Pandora Products are mainly made in Gemopolis, Thialand. But they are mined and produced throughout the world in highly populated areas.
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Population Map

Gemopolis, Thialand is located right in the center of many neighborhoods and communities, making it easy for them to have employees and people to buy their merchandise.
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Transportation Map

This map is showing how they use air cargo planes to fly products across the world to sell and manufacture products.
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Pros and Cons:

Pros of globalization are that it helps people from multiple countries trade and experience new products and cultures. Also it helps certain people get the resources they need to survive in any way.

Cons are that it can create problems with culture, economy and the environment. It can also leave some other people without resources.

Globalization and Me:

Globalization relates to me because it is all around me al over the world and effects many things like, why how and where i live.

Enviornmental problems:

Pandora's natural resources are mined all around the world which effects the environment when they are constantly digging into the ground for gold and other precious metals.

Technological Problems:

Technology of jewelry making can change over time and it may be hard for this company to keep up with the ever-changing technology advancements.

Cultural Problems:

Pandora can effect culture by taking over other customs of countries like jewelry that is hand made in countries, can be replaced by pandoras jewelry that is fancier and more high quality.

Economic Problems:

All of the resources and materials cost money plus the employees having to get payed. If the product doesn't sell good enough, they wont get the money they need to have good income.

Environmental Solution:

The solution to this issue could be to reduce this spots they are mining in and stick to one general area so less of the environment is getting ruined due to them always digging.