Charles Ellis Montessori Academy, December 14, 2020

To Educate The Whole Child for a Whole World

"If we cradle the child, he sleeps. We do not hate the spirit that cries for help!... already in those first steps of life he will love anyone who will help him perfect his spirit" Dr. Maria Montessori The child in the Family

A Cry for Help!

In these trying times there are many cries for help. It is a prime opportunity to demonstrate the natural instincts of our collective humanity, to work together, to honor each other and the world we have been given. It is also an opportune time to model for our children how they can be stewards of our world. But this is not a one time event, there are constant challenges that our children will encounter throughout their lives. Stewardship is a discipline that must be practiced and understood. To discuss how people and our earth are hurting does not have to be a morbid conversation. We can convey a message of hope by paying attention to the many examples, both large and small, of the heroic service and compassion that are prevalent during times of distress. This great spirit of kindness already exists in each child. We must cradle it so that one day the child's body and mind will grow into their spirit.

Important Dates

December 12-13- Boosterthon T-Shirt Pick-Up

December 17- PTA Virtual Festival of Lights

December 21-January 1- Winter Break

January 4- Staff Planning Day- No School for Students!

January 5-8- e-Learning Days

January 8- PTA Boosterthon Kick-Off

January 11- Cohort A returns in-person to school

January 14- Cohort B returns in-person to school

January 18- MLK Jr. Day- No School!

January 20- Virtual Boosterthon Event

2nd Semester Device Distribution

If your student is returning to school in Cohort A or Cohort B in January, they will need a school-issued device to participate in their classroom meetings, to receive lessons/work plans from their teachers, and to submit their completed work.

If your student has already been given a school device, they will need to bring it with them on the days they come to school.

If your student has NOT yet been given a school device, they will receive one to use the first day they come back to the building and paperwork will be sent home with the student for the parent/guardian to sign and return to school the next day.

Ms. Lisa will send out an email the first week in January to all parents of returning students with the necessary paperwork (check your SPAM folder if it is not in your inbox). If you have access to a printer, you are welcome to print and sign the paperwork and send it to school with your student the first day they return. They will then be allowed to take the device home that day. Devices will not be sent home with the student until the paperwork is signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the school.

If you have received a device from the District and you plan on purchasing the Technology Protection Plan provided by the District, please pay for that through School Cash Online and send the signed paperwork to school or email it to Ms. Lisa.

If you have any questions, email Ms. Lisa (lisa.odonnell@sccpss.com).

Overdue Books

If your student is in hybrid cohort A or cohort B and they checked out media center books before Thanksgiving break, please have them return the books the next time they come to school.

Thank you for helping us keep track of our school materials.

Clearing the Chrome Browser Cache/Cookies

If your student's SCCPSS device is running slow, it may be helpful to clear the cache/cookies every once in awhile. See the link below for instructions.

Clearing Cache/Cookies from Chrome Browser

T-Shirt Pick-Up

The PTA Boosterthon will open up for pledging beginning December 17th. This year, the Boosterthon will be a virtual, Dance Fit event. Stay tuned for more details!

On Saturday, December 12th, and Sunday, December 13th from 12-2pm, the PTA will be on the Ellis sidewalk distributing Boosterthon t-shirts, information about the virtual Festival of Lights event on December 17th, and free ice pops to all students for meeting last year's Boosterthon pledge goal!

Virtual Festival of Lights and Sing-Along

The annual PTA Festival of Lights will be a virtual event on Thursday, December 17th at 6:30pm.

The Zoom link will be sent out next week and posted on the PTA website: https://www.ellismontessoripta.org/blog-1

We'll watch recorded performances from Erdkinder and Upper Elementary chorus members, plus sing along to our Ellis favorites! Lyrics will be on screen and are attached below.

Improved Air Filtration at Ellis

The week of November 30th the district maintenance department installed BIOPURE COVID19 air filters in the school's HVAC system. Thank you to the Ellis PTA, School Council, and MESS leadership team for working with the district to advocate for our community's needs during the pandemic.

Counselors' Corner

This week in School Counseling, we have been teaching all classes about Coping Skills and Growth Mindset. We know that challenges help us to grow and that the word "yet" helps us realize we can do anything, and to keep trying until we're proud of ourselves.

In addition to teaching about growth mindset in Erdkinder, we have been raising awareness about high school options. Our school board just met and approved Choice Programs for the next school year, with the application window opening February 1, 2021. There will no MAP score criteria in applying to Choice Schools this time, however GPAs do need to be 80 or higher, with good attendance, and satisfactory conduct. The application timeline and criteria information for Choice Schools will be updated on http://choice.sccpss.com.

If you or your student needs anything from us, please check out our school counseling website for more information or message us on ItsLearning.

Big picture

School-Wide Grace & Courtesy Emphasis

The Language for Identifying/Naming the Qualities of Trust and Honesty from the "Self- Awakened Child" series by Jonathan Wolff:


  • When I say to myself, "I know I can learn to do this" -- even if it's something that is very hard for me to do-- I am Trusting myself.
  • When someone promises me something and I feel sure they will keep their promise, I am Trusting them.
  • When I do what I promise I will do, I am acting with Trust.


  • When I tell myself the truth about what I think, how I feel or what I did, I am being Honest.
  • When I tell someone the truth about what I think, how I feel or what I did, I am being Honest.

From the Clinic

Please read the attached flyer with health and safety information.

Covid-19 Parent at Home Screening

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me.

Thank you,

Nurse Chris


912-395-5470 Ext. 71213

Join the Ellis PTA and Support Our Community!

We currently have 134 members who have joined the PTA. Our goal this year is 200. Just a reminder, members must join every year. Memberships do NOT carry over from previous years.

Please consider joining the PTA to support our Ellis community. Membership is only $7/person.

So far this school year, the PTA has done the following:

  • Held a school supply drive for our Ellis families
  • Funded the purchase of individual Montessori materials for our Primary students
  • Sponsored teachers to attend an Anti-Racist, Anti-Bias Teaching in the Montessori Classroom seminar.
  • Organized the Fall Festival Parade
  • Organized the PTA Reflections contest
  • Accepted teacher grant applications
  • Funded improvements to the playground and multi-purpose room
  • Sponsored the Read-A-Thon
  • Organized the Angel Tree for families in our Ellis community
  • Donated non-perishable food items to Emmaus House
  • Supplied Nurse Chris with needed health and wellness supplies
  • And so much more!

The PTA cannot do all this without your help and support. The easiest way to show your support is simply by joining the Ellis PTA.

Visit the PTA Website.

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