Principal's News

Term 3, Week 6

It's all about art....

Because I was not 'time poor', one of the things that I was able to enjoy while I was away was visits to Art Galleries in Boston, New York and Washington. There are so many, they are so big and they all hold amazing collections. The modern galleries require a sense of humour and an attitude of appreciation ...( on many occasions I did think of the art work of our, or even the elephants at the Melb zoo.) As the saying goes, 'It's all in the eyes of the beholder!

Keep the inspiration up as we ready ourselves for our first Art Show at St Augustine's. From the kids in the yard - they are enjoying what they are doing and they love their parents coming in to help. From a parent 'I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids did!'

What else....!

  • Thank-you to those who have indicated their intentions for 2014. please get them in ASAP
  • ARM's - I am going to try to get these on the way this term - one less thing for you to do in Term 4. Stay tuned!
  • the weather forecast for the week is not looking good for outdoors. Make sure that your children have something to do over wet days. You might need to engineer this to keep the peace.

Education is not only about filling the bucket, but lighting the fire under the bucket!