2014 - 2015 Data Analysis

Kelly Gardner

April - Spring Survey Results

A deeper look...

I took a look at similar areas of this semester's surveys. I found that I didn't have more than half of my students in each class respond, so I feel that makes the results only partly accurate. Still, I take the remarks to heart. It appears that overall, students are pleased with my communication, effectiveness, and teaching ability. In each class, I had one student who seemed unhappy. Of course, this always makes me question what I could have done better. My goal during the next year is to improve my communication. With a large number of students, it can be difficult to make sure I am reaching each one. However, I'm working on ways to reach out to students and encourage them to learn.

March Data Analysis Sample ~ User Tool Access

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February Data Analysis Sample

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Academic Risk

Now that the 12-week sessions have started, I decided to analyze the academic risk in my classes. I am still playing around with it to see if I can do any other things, but I was pleasantly surprised that my larger classes had fewer at risk students. I will use this information to reach out to those students who are falling behind and/or not working. This is proving to be a very useful tool.

December/January Sample

Fall 2014 Survey Results Reflections

I chose to focus primarily on the A sections of my 9th and 10th grade lit/comp courses. I always take these surveys with a grain of salt. The number of responses, in comparison with the number of students I have, is quite low. So, the responses that I see are either quite good, or quite negative. There is always at least one disgruntled student/parent. I take those comments and use them to try to improve my communication techniques for the following semester. I choose to look at the A sections in the fall in greater detail because I generally have those students and parents again in the spring.

November Sample

Greek Drama Quiz

I chose to take a look at the level of success for each question in this quiz. Antigone can be a difficult selection for students to read. Based on the level of success in this quiz, I can design remediation or extra instruction for next semester.
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October Sample

Grades Reflection

I chose to reflect on test scores this month. The image below shows the score averages for all quizzes. From there, I chose The Tempest Review Quiz to analyze, as the average score was low. From there, I analyzed the overall quiz statistics, and then the individual user scores. I plan on using this information to provide a remediation opportunity for this quiz.
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September Sample

Analytics Portal

For this month, I took one of my classes and looked at a few different areas. I chose to look at course access, academic risk, and grade patterns. I am very curious to see how the three are connected. I am also curious to see if those connections are based on which section students are taking (18, 16, 14, 12). I've always been concerned about the students on the 12 week schedule, as it is a very fast-paced workload. I want to see how the 12 week students are working, and possibly identify any trends.

August Sample

Spring 2014 Reflections

I let this topic have it's own Smore. Take a look at the samples I pulled from last semester's surveys. I always find it intriguing to see what students and parents will say. Click on the yellow bar below to see the data and reflections from my Spring surveys.