Design #1

This design has a planning room, storage, display shelves, and open space for the students to work on their projects. The products will be displayed outside the room, and as people walk by, they will be able to look at all the amazing work that is done by students. In the planning room, there are just a few round tables, although it is very big so students may work together. There is also a section for tools hanger and counters. The planning room is a diagonal room, and so I decided to hang the tools there so it be convenient to the space.


In this design, I was very brief, i did not include all the design specifications, but if i were to be more detailed with this, I would be able to meet all the design specs. The corner just nearby the tool hanger and counter is very inconvenient and in this project, it is best to not leave any unneeded space around, especially corners. Therefore, I don't think this design is appropriate as a DT lab, as it lacks space and details.

Design #2

In this design, there is also a planning room and storage room. Although, I included a "danger zone" section for safety, because heavy machines/tools will be placed there and not just around the room, it will just be a platform with no walls, so that teachers may supervise and provide assistance when required. There is a gallery, however, for all the finished & polished products - students may go in there any time when seeking for inspiration. I have also included cabinets to store any extra items or place unfinished work. Tables are placed all over the open space, and the tool hanger will just remain at the side.


For this design, what I like most is the storage room, which is in the shape of a quarter of a circle. This way, it would take over the corner and make more space for the rest of the rooms. I had also insert a danger zone for heavy machines - which may be important in some cases. Although it also did not meet all the design specifications, as to the lack of space.

Design #3

Design #3 are mainly just closed rooms because open space may be dangerous to those passing around. The planning room just has a really big table, which can be a meeting table and the room can also be considered as the conference room. The woodshop is the largest room of all because it requires a lot of space. In this design, I included lockers and a proper gallery and also a space for eye-washing/sanitary section, but is not considered a bathroom. The lockers will be located in front of the "conference room", and they will be available for students, although they might have to share as I did not leave much space for more lockers. The storage is big, as they will hold many tools, however, this design is drawn very briefly, so I did not include many counters or shelves or furnitures. The eye-wash, sink and emergency shower will all be in one section of the room, which is right across the storage, it is not a closed room, so people will be able to go in and out very easily, in case of emergencies. Going through the gallery is one way to get into the lab, the other is just to come through the other entrance (at the back). The gallery will be huge, and it will display only the finished products and it will be in expensive and modern shelves and display cases, so it will look very classy. At the very end of the gallery is the entrance to go into the lab. This way, it will be convenient whenever the students need to transfer their finished projects to the gallery. The working space above the gallery is for people who likes to work in the open area, with maximum natural light. It is also for certain products or usage of machines. The storage room will be in a diagonal angle, so there will be space for the tool hangers. As for the gallery, it will also be in the same angle, so it will leave more room for the lockers. The counters will be surrounding the working space.


In my opinion, this design is the most appropriate for the DT lab because it meets all the design specifications. It indicates enough space for students to work on their products and enough open space to have maximum natural light. It is also in closed rooms so it won't be as noisy and people are able to focus on their products. Therefore, I prefer this design to be my final, as it meets all the design specs and is more detailed than the other two designs.