Athletic, rich, cool and mischievous.

Friend of Daisy Buchanan.

Lover of vanity, golf and attention.

Who feels disappointed when she's not right, bored around drama and sneaky when playing golf.

Who needs attention from people, knowledge of whats going on and parties to have fun.

Who gives Gatsby a messenger, care as to what people think of her and her time to friends and golf.

Who fears boredom, small parties and losing.

Who would like to see big parties, careful people and herself winning.

Resident of Long Island, New York


Quote: "Don't talk I want to hear what happens"

I chose this because I think it represents Jordan's personality. I think that Jordan is one of those who has to be in the know with whats really popular around her, if she's not already what everybody's talking about. She is the one everybody should go to for gossip. On page 19.