The Mongols

By Ashleigh Marcus

Genghis Khan

He was a strong ruler to the Mongols. He devoted himself to the conquest. Genghis Khan setup Karakorum, a capital city. He died in 1227, and the empire started changing. In 1279 one of his grandsons completed the conquest of the Song. His name was Kublai Khan. He also started a new dynasty known as, Yuan. He died in 1294.
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Decline of the Mongol Dynasty

The Mongol Dynasty began to decline. This is because they spent too much on foreign conquests, growing internal instability, and corruption at court. Zhu Yuanzhang made an army, and ended the Mongol Dynasty in 1368. And then made his own dynasty, the Ming Dynasty.
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Religion and Government

  • Buddhism and Daoism- This religion was brought to China in first century AD by missionaries from India. After the collapse of the Han Dynasty more people became attracted to Buddhism and Daoism. They taught that the world wasn't real, and it was an illusion. Their role in the government was being advisers at the imperial court. But they lost favor.
  • Neo-Confucianism- Neo-Confucianism became the heart of the state government. This religion teaches that the world is real, and not an illusion. This religion divided the world into spiritual, and a material world. Their goal is to live in the material world, but be linked to the Supreme Ultimate.

The Golden Age

  • Poetry- Chinese best expressed their literary talents. The poems the Chinese wrote expressed the beauty of nature, the seasons changing, and the joys of friendship. It also expressed the sadness of how short life is.
  • Painting and Ceramics- During the Song and Mongol Dynasties, landscape painting became very popular. It expressed the balance between earth and water. Tang artists perfected the making of porcelain.
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A Day in Genghis Khan's Army

Being in his army, everything would be very strict. The women were to tend the animals, and domestic duties. They also collected arrows and wounded enemy soldiers. To be in his army you would have to be an expert horseman, archer, and fighter.