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Be the Reader

For this assignment - you are going to BE the reader! You will be given two sample Create PTs and the official scoring rubric. Now that you have spent time practicing each part - the scoring guides should make more sense! You will be the reader, and score both of them as YOU consider the scoring elements.

How do I get started? Open up the Rubric (below) and get comfortable with the rows. Remember that scoring is binary - they either met ALL the requirements of the row or they did NOT. There is no half score!

Big picture

Sample #1

Now - Open the Link for sample #1. Find a way to have access to the rubric and the sample at the same time , and write your scores on a piece of paper.

Example of Scoring Sheet You Will Submit:

Row 1: 0

Row 2: 1

Row 3: 1

Row 4: 1

Row 5: 0

Row 6: 1

Row 7: 0

Where they get a 1 if they met the row requirements and 0 if they earn no point for that row (cause ya' know binary)

Rise and Repeat

Second Sample

This Program is written in Scratch - which is similar to SNAP so I think you should be comfortable reading that code

After Scoring Two Samples

In the Canvas - you will submit your scores and then go to the next assignment - There is a video of me going over the official score answers.

After watching the video you will have to write a discussion post about a point where you either struggled to score a row OR where you differed from the official scoring guide. Your score will be based on your ability to communicate about the requirements of the prompts, the verbiage of the scoring rubric, and expression your understanding of the CS terms.

This is Due by Tuesday at 3:00 PM