Make a Match is almost done!

We're a week away from May, and that means time is running out on Make a Match. So far our generous supporters have contributed $20,400 to this campaign. We have a long way to go in the next few days, but we're prayerfully hopeful for big things to come. If you have already contributed, thank you! If you haven't please consider making a donation OR a pledge - either way, your contribution will be doubled. Click the link below to donate online.
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Guy - Freshman from Greensboro, NC

"I went to a small, private Christian school. Then I came to ECU and it was a culture shock. I didn't think I would find anything like what I had in high school here... until I found RUF. I found a community where people were openly talking about the Lord. I don't know exactly where I would be without RUF."
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Last Large Group of the Year

With a few visitors from our church's youth group in the house, we really filled up the room! We finished our study through the book of Ephesians by looking at the full armor of God. Having a monthly Large Group was a great step for our ministry this semester. We're already looking forward to moving to a weekly Large Group this fall, as it will provide RUF a regular platform to proclaim the gospel of Jesus on the campus of ECU.