The H1N1 strain is spreading!

Use these habits in your life to prevent getting the strain.

What is H1N1?

H1N1 is a constantly mutating strain of the swine-avian flu,(Garret, 2009) it can spread over a wide geographical area from Mexico to Wisconsin.(Garret, 2009). It is very dangerous to all of us, but can be stopped through simple habits and steps. After all, only you can prevent it!

How does H1N1 affect me?

H1N1 is a very dangerous type strain of flu. It always is mutating making it hard to pin down and cure. That is the reason that your habits can prevent it. Without these actions you can get extremely sick, leaving you bed-ridden and having to take gross medicine. Not only that but it can result death, it can be very dangerous for everyone around you as it spreads so fast. Causing other people to be bed ridden and eventually causing entire businesses and school districts to close down.(The Great Pandemic 1918-1919, 2011)

How can you prevent it?

Frequently asked questions.

Q:Should I get my flu shot? I've heard from my friends that it doesn't work.

A:To answer simply. Yes you should, it is dangerous not to. But it does not always work, the doctors inject the virus that they think the flu will be this year into you to fight off the new flu disease; it absolutely works.(Shatsleck, Williams, 2009)

Q:What exactly is a pandemic? How is it related to the flu?

A:A pandemic is a mass infection of a disease spread over a wide geographical area(continents). It is connected to the flu as it has been the cause of many pandemics.

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