By Lucas murray


Today we our going to learn facts about dogs. Yes Dogs rule.

Chapter1 Types of dogs

Have you ever had a dog? Well I have and I have some facts for you. Some dogs have dopy ears. A dog that has dopy ears is a blood hounds. They are also very protective because when we went to jump on there trampoling he barked like crazy and scared me so much. My neghbors had to take him inside.

Chapter2 What they look like

Dogs look like tiny cute doggies. They are also so light and so easy to hold they are also many types of colers. they are so cute and awesome.

Chapter3 When to take them to the Restroom

On a work day you should take them out when you wake up and when you get home from work. You should also feed them in the morning and home from work and on weekends you should take them out every 6hours also don't froget the water but you need the right amount of food and water. You also need to give them exersise every 8hours but you don't want to give it more than it needs.

Chapter4 Types of helper dogs

Some dogs are service dogs they guide blind people around. Other service dogs smell out bad stuff. some tell you when to stop when you are about to cross the road.

Chapter5 Dogs vs Cats

I think that dogs would win because if someone broke into your house a cat would just run away and a dog would make them bleed all over.
Service Dogs