Wolf Pack

Info for Parents

Hi Everyone,

I know the world seems crazy right now so I drafted some ideas of how you can continue your Wolf Pack Journey at home while we are on break. I'll try to update it if we are home longer than a few weeks. I am also including some helpful info for parents too.

Our Focus this Month....

Finding Your Way

Task 1: Using a Map Locate Where you Live

What are Maps? - Learn & Grow Kids Geography Lesson | LeapFrog

Task 2: Draw your own map so your friends can locate you home. Create a symbol key.

A Brief History of Cartography and Maps

Task 3: What is a compass rose? Can you find it on a map?

-Use your compass to identify North, West, South and East
Big picture

Task 4: Go on a scavenger hunt using your compass.

-Locate and Object with it

Task 5: Go on a family walk or hike

Activity 2: Germs Alive:

Big picture

Task1: Wash your hands singing the germ song!

This song has the same tune as Happy Birthday.

  • No dirty paws for me,
  • No dirty paws for me,
  • A Wolf Scout is clean …
  • No dirty paws for me.
  • Clean paws keep me strong,
  • Clean paws keep me strong,
  • A Wolf Scout is smart …
  • Clean paws keep me strong!
Germs for Kids | Wash Your Hands Song | Germs | Lyric Video | The Kiboomers

Task 2: Play the game Germ Magnet, then wash your hands again!

Teach Kids About Germs Using Glitter

TAsk 3: Conduct a Sneeze Demonstration

Cub Scout Sneeze Demonstration

TAsk 4: Conduct a Mucas Investigation:

Task 5: Grow a mold culture

Grow Your Own Mould

Task 6: Make a clean room chart

Other helpful information for parents:

We will get through this together!