One Handed Catch by: MJ Auch 246 pg

By Jared Palefsky

don't give up

Keep your head up is Norms motto as he shares his amazing adventure.

The theme of this book is to not give up at anything important to you. Norm showed this by not caring about what people said and not letting anything get in the way of him and his goal.

keep trying

July 4,1946 after WWII was over, 11 year old Norm Schmidt really wanted to play on the summer baseball team not knowing that he would have to overcome a big obstacle along the way. Norm was working in his family's grocery shop when he was asked by his dad cut meat. Norm went to the back to cut up some meat when he got his hand stuck in the meat grinder. They rushed him to the hospital where they had to cut his hand off. That didn't stop Norm from trying to make the baseball team. With help from his two friends Leon and Carl, his parents and his little sister he was able to overcome almost every challenge he faced. Listen to what norm has to say as he tells his story. Will Norm make the team? I recommend this book to all athletes out there to show them that if you set your mind to it you will succeed.