Timor Leste

By Ellie Ahrendsen

Basic Information

Timor Leste, or also known as East Timor, is a small island in southeast Asia.

  • Population is 1,231,116.
  • Dili is the capital and largest city.
  • Their president is President Taur Matan Ruak.
  • Their Prime Minister is Rui Araujo.
  • They have a republic government.
  • They have two main languages Portuguese and Tetun.
  • Tetun is a Malayo-Polynesian language.
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For fun they like to play soccer, volleyball, basketball, and table tennis. They have a national soccer team. People also enjoy playing ultimate Frisbee. Running is a big deal in East Timor. There are often marathons for people to run in. In July there is the first 10km Lady's Cup charity run. Cycling is also a popular activity. There is a cycling event that is five days long. There are many open fields in East Timor so it is easy for people to access fields to play sports in.
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International Soccer

East Timor's most popular sport is soccer. They have a FIFA team. Their FIFA team joined the league on September 12, 2005. East Timor made their debut in the AFC Asian Cup in the preliminary round in March of 2003 where they lost 3-2 to Sir Lanka. They won their first international match against Cambodia with a score of 5-1. Some of their players include Murilo de Almeedia(forward), Diogo Rangel(defender), Emerson Cesario(Goal Keeper), and Jesse Pinto(Midfielder). Murilo is East Timor's top goal scorer.


A form of entertainment is chicken fighting. Chicken fighting is where two roosters fight off to the death. Oddly, it is a very popular activity in East Timor. One of East Timor's popular singers is Teo Batiste Ximenes. Teo grew up in Australia. He uses folk rhythms from his homeland in his music. The guitar is a important part of East Timor's music. Foreign influences also include popular styles of music like rock, hip-hop, and reggae. The band Dili Allstars released a song that became an anthem in the build-up to the referendum on independence in 2000. The United Nations commissioned a song called "Hakotu Ba" by Lahane to encourage people to vote in the referendum.


Culture plays a big role roll in the lives of East Timor people. Culture in East Timor has multiple influences including Portuguese, Roman Catholic, and Malay. Xanana Gusmao was the former Prime Minister of East Timor. He is a poet and painter. He created works that described the culture of East Timor. They celebrate National Youth Day. They remeber the anniversary of the Santa Cruz massacre in 1991. On November 28, they celebrate the day they gained independence from Portugal.

The Legend of the Crocodile

East Timor has a legend called the Crocodile. Many years ago, a small crocodile lived in a swamp far away. The crocodile became lost and began to die. A little boy found the crocodile and carried him back to sea. The crocodile was grateful to the little boy so he granted the boy a wish. The boy said he wanted to travel the world. The boy and the crocodile traveled the world until the crocodile began to die. In return of the boy's favor the crocodile turned himself into an island so the boy could travel forever. This is how people in east Timor believe their island came to be.


Dance is very important to the people of East Timor.The most widespread form of native folk music was thelikurai dance, performed by women to welcome home men after war. They used a small drum and sometimes carried enemy heads in processions through villages. This dance is very important to them.


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