Come to Anti-ABBA Euromaydan party!

Come burn ABBA vinyls and imprison Yanukovich with us!

Coming soon to a Euromaydan next to you

You're in a school orchestra and tired of constant Happy New Year? You're so tired you're going to kill someone? Just come to our Anti-ABBA party! Burn their posters and vinyls with us! Into a happy New Year without this song!

Saturday, Dec. 28th 2013 at 9pm


We stand against Yanukovich and ABBA's Happy New Year.
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We know what we want

We always stand against wrong things. This New Year's Eve the wrong things are ABBA's Happy New Year and Yanukovich. And we are about to change the world

We are the GetRid team, this year going under the pseud of AbbaMaydan team

We always stand up for your ears and your fundamental human rights. Support us!