with Alyssa Huron

hi , i am Alyssa Huron

i like to babysit :) and here are some question you might want to know

have i baby sat before ?

yes i have i do baby sit for my mom she has a 2 year old kid i also baby sit for people around our neighborhood the ones i mainly baby sit for there kids are 5 & 2

how old are you ?

right now i am 14 for most people they might think oh thats too young but once you let me baby sit you wont regret it :)

what days are you available ?

most of the time i have school but i would be more then happy to do it on the weekends & in the summer

how much do you want to get paid ?

it depends on how many kids , if i am doing any cleaning when you are going , and how man hours i will be watching your kid(s) but most of the time i get paid 5 dollars an hour and 2 pure each other kid

what ages do you/can you watch ?

most of the time i like to watch kids that are in the age zone of 2-7 but honestly i can do whatever age group you are wanting

what kind of things do you like to do with the kid(s)

honestly it all depends on how old they are , but most of the time i just like to play with them and play there favorite game , i am a very talkative person so i promise they wont get bored with me

how can we contact you ?

most of the time i do have my phone on me but if not you can contact me on my dads/moms phone

can you make food for the kids ?

yes, i can :)

transportation ?

most of the time my parent can and do take me to the persons house only sometimes they do have to pick me up