Team Howlers Newsletter

Week of December 7

School News & Important Dates:

  • December 9, Discovery Place Field Trip Permission Forms & Money due *Here is a link to the form *You may pay on-line at**Please email Mrs. Munn ( if there are any issues or concerns
  • November 30 to December 14, Books for Tots- Ms. Heine, our Media Specialist, is collecting new picture books for preschoolers and young elementary school age children to donate to Toys for Tots. If you would like to send in books, please send these to the Media Center.
  • December 9, Team Howlers T-Shirt Money due ($10.00)-Online Order Form *You may pay on-line at

  • December 9, Holiday Fair in the BTMS Media Center from 9AM-6PM *Here is a link for a list of vendors participating (
  • December 9, from 2:40-3:10PM - 6th Grade Chorus Concert in Chorus room
  • December 22, Half Day for Students-Students dismissed at 11:45AM
  • December 23-January 4, Winter Break-No School for Students

Team Howlers News:

With cold and flu season upon us, our team is quickly going through Kleenex. If you would like to donate any Kleenex to the classroom, it would be greatly appreciated. You can have your child give it to his/her homeroom teacher. Thank you to the families who have already sent some in.

Please make sure you check Parent Portal ( to see how your child is doing in his/her classes. If you should have a question about grades, please contact your child’s teacher directly.

If your child is ever out, please make sure to check each teachers’ websites for material covered in class that day. If you have any questions or concerns that are subject specific, please contact that teacher.


Mr. Donnelly -

GT Math Website Address -

Regular (Grade Level) Math Website Address -

With the weather breaking, my classes are in need of tissue. If you can donate any, we would be very appreciative. Thank you in advance.

Regular Math has the decimal project due next Monday, December 14th. Here is the information for the decimal activity project: - Decimal Addition Subtraction Menu Activity and - Safari Restaurant Decimal Menu.

This week Regular Math will be taking the 2nd quarter exam on Tuesday, December 8th. Wednesday the math classes will be visiting the Christmas Holiday Market being held as BTMS. Here is a link for a list of vendors participating ( Money to buy is optional. We will begin the unit on Rational Numbers (Integers with fractions or decimals). There will be a test next Thursday on the Rational numbers unit. This week I am changing my tutorial from Wednesday to Tuesday for the quarter exam.

Regular Math Tutoring Times:

Donnelly: Tuesday 11:05 – 11:30AM

Adldoost: Wednesday 7:40 – 8:05AM

Webster: Tuesday 7:40 – 8:05AM

Regular Math Homework:

Monday: Study Guide for Quarter Exam

Tuesday: None

Wednesday: Digits 9-1: problems 1-10

Thursday: Digits 9-2: problems 1-10

Friday: Digits 9-3: problems 1-10

This week GT Math will be taking the 2nd quarter exam on Tuesday December 8th. Wednesday the math classes will be visiting the Christmas Holiday Market being held as BTMS. Here is a link for a list of vendors participating ( Money to buy is optional. We will begin the unit on Ratios Wednesday. There will be a quiz next Thursday on the ratios unit.

GT Math Tutoring Times:

Donnelly: Monday 11:05 – 11:30AM

Adldoost: Tuesday 7:40 – 8:05AM

Webster: Thursday 7:40 – 8:05AM

GT Math Homework:

Monday: Study Guide for Quarter Exam

Tuesday: None

Wednesday: 6th Grade Digits: 10-1: 1-10

Thursday: 6th Grade Digits: 10-4/10-5: 1-5 each

Friday: 7th Grade Digits: 1-1: 1-10


Ms. Lyle -

GT Science Website Address -

Grade Level Science Website Address -

This week In Science we will be reviewing for our weather test one on Wednesday the 9th. Thursday and Friday will be spent reviewing for our nine week exam on the following Wednesday the 16th.

Monday Dec 14th: Students will work in class on their severe weather Project due the 17th. After the test on Wednesday students will also be allowed to work on their projects. If students are going to be out the 17th and 18th they should turn in their project ahead of time. Students may use their working Lunch time to work on their projects as well. Attached are the Links with Project rubric and directions ( ( . The Severe weather project does not have to be typed and may be handwritten on a cube (shoe box will work).


Dec. 9th – Weather test 1 ( air masses, Fronts, Pressure systems, water cycle, clouds, atmosphere)

Dec. 16th—Nine week exam Test ( Generators, Motors, Electricity, Magnetism, Circuits, air masses, Fronts, pressure systems, water cycle, clouds, and atmosphere)

** Students should refer to the warm-up section of their notebooks for study interactive questions and should use their weather unit notebook to review content. We will be reviewing a lot in class!!!

Homework: STUDY for upcoming test and complete severe weather projects.

Language Arts:

Mrs. Munn -

3rd & 4th Periods (GT) Website Address -

5th & 6th Periods (Grade Level) Website Address -

This week students will be doing some grammar review on types of sentences and will be completing their hero essays. The due date for the hero essays is Friday, December 11. I cannot wait to read these.

2nd 9 Weeks Independent Reading Project: Students are to select a novel to read independently this nine weeks. Students should show this novel to me to make sure that it is approved. Students will complete a "Character Cell Phone" for one of the main characters in their novel. This will be due on Friday, December 18. Students received the blank "Character Cell Phone" sheet on November 23. If a student was absent, they need to see me to get the sheet. If your child needs some help choosing a book to read, he/she can come to me for some suggestions or you may go to - there are several options to search by such as: similar book to one they liked or by series.


Work on hero essays due on Friday, December 11, and independent cell phone project that is due on Friday, December 18.

Upcoming Tests and Projects:

Friday, December 11: Hero Essay due

Tuesday, December 15: 2nd 9 Weeks Exam

Friday, December 18: Character's Cell Phone for independent reading book due

Social Studies:

Mr. Pauley -

GT Social Studies Website Address -

Grade Level Social Studies Website Address -

This week we will be taking notes on and discussing the achievements of the Roman Empire. We will focus on architectural features (vaults, arches, concrete) and the buildings (Pantheon, Colosseum, Circus Maximus) on Monday-Wednesday of this week. On Thursday and Friday we will transition to the Latin language and numeral system. Notes will be taken on Monday and posted to my website. Study Guides will be handed out this Friday and will be due Thursday the 17th before the 9-week exam.