End the bullying!

A solution to one of the biggest problems of today.

Every problem as a solution!

Bullying comes in many forms. A simple put down can make someone feel as if they're hopeless. My solution to this terrible problem is execution. Bullies are the worst kind of people especially the one who don't see them selves as a bully. My solution may be a little crazy at first thought but as I explain more you may be on board!

How harsh will this punishment be?

I'm glad you asked!

Any reported bully incident will be reviewed by law enforcement and a phycologist. They will be the ones to decide how to deal with it. If the incident wasn't very harsh they may just get a slap on the wrist and up to 3 years in a mental hospital. The punishment can go all the way up to execution.

End bullying by ending lives!

Come to our meeting and let us know any suggestions you have!!

approval meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 19th, 9pm

City of Lenexa- City Hall

Come and listen to our final proposal and find out if this proposal is approved. Give us any suggestions when the time comes in the meeting and let us know how you feel.