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Over the past few years, the game area of our spring galas has become one that our parents love! We, once again this year, will introduce new games in keeping with the theme of the gala but there are two games that are tried and true which we will always have -- our "Wine Pull" and "Wine Toss."

This week we will begin stockpiling prizes for these games with our first car line drop off. When you drive in THIS THURSDAY MORNING to drop off your children, parents will be at both drop-off locations to collect your donation of bottles of wine($12-15 value) and other adult beverages. Many of us received gifts like this at Christmas and will never use them so it's a great time to "clear the bar" and donate in a way that will help your children. You can drop off contributions any time at the Advancement House but, for your convenience, we will have Car Line Drop-Offs on the following Thursdays: February 4th, February 18th and February 25th. We ask that you NOT send wine/liquor to school with your children. If you cannot personally deliver it, call the Advancement Office and we will work with you to handle picking up your contribution.

We were right when we said that our SPES community would be a-buzz with excitement over our FIRST SPES LIP SYNC CHALLENGE! We are hearing that you are waiting for the details so you can start planning your acts and we are happy to deliver. See the attached flyer for "Rules of the Game" and your "Next Steps in the Challenge."

A BIG BONUS for anyone who wants a little assistance with their acts is the offer by our very own SPES MOM, BECKY PHARES, to help with a song, concept and/or choreography. We are super excited to have Becky's help since she is well-known in the area for having choreographed a number of the acts for local "Dancing with the Stars" competitions.

If you have any questions whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact our Lip Sync Challenge and Gala Co-chairperson, Jessica Bertholet, at jcbertholet@att.net