Harrison - German Smore

Hour 3

Ich bin...

1. Ich heiße Harrison
2. Ich bin vierzehn Jahre alt
3. Ich komme aus Kansas City
4. Ich komme mit dem Auto zur Schule

Seite 24 Grammatik

In German, there are three ways to say the word "the". They are used to state which group a German noun belongs to, masculine, feminine, and neutral. Der is the masculine version of the word so if a noun is masculine such as Junge, meaning boy, you would use der, Der Junge. Another rule in German is you must capitalize every noun. The feminine form of "the" is die, die Frau, meaning the woman. This word is also used for plurals, die Jungen would be the boys. The final form is neutral, and we use this article for neutral nouns like Mädchen meaning girl, das Mädchen. Even though Mädchen means girl, it is still a neutral word because the noun itself is neutral, however if you are talking about a person you would use the sexual gender. As well as that, if you have a compound word, you would use the last word in the compound to find the gender of the word.


Conjugation of sein:
Ich bin = I am
Du bist = You are
Er/Sie/Es ist = He/She/It is
Wir sind = We are
Ihr seid = You all are
sie/Sie sind = they/you(formal) are

Ich bin vierzehn Jahre alt
Du bist fünfzehn Jahre alt
Er heißt Holger
Sie sind sechzehn Jahre alt.