Yuleema image

By: Angie

Yulema image

Yulema image

It was just boring Monday until I got this text from Yulema Image . The text said I get to spend a day with her . I was so happy that I started to scream . So then I got up . I got dressed really fast and ate breakfast really fast .

I ran down the stairs as fast i as i could i fell on the floor when i ran down the stairs . I went to my mom’s room and told her that ima go out with Yulema Image . So i told her to drop me off at her house . When we got there i was so happy and excited to meet her . I was so happy to see her . Then she invented me into her house . Her house was so beautiful from inside . She showed me around her house . All of a sudden we heart i sound BOOM !!! A class vase fell down for her counter .

After she showed me around her house . We waited for her friends to come then we went to the mall . We went to a lot of stores there was a lot of beautiful clothes in the stores we went to . Yulema and her friends and me went to go eat . All of us ate pizza . The pizza was so good “mmmm” . When were done eating we went to forever 21 . We were trying on clothes but all of a sudden the paparazzi came and start taking pictures . So we had to run away from them .

While we ran away Yuleema decide for us to hide in the movies . She said we were gonna go watch a movie called “ The Eye “ . The movie was so scary someone screamed while the movie was playing “ AHHHHHH “ . The person scream was so loud that they have to take that movie theatre . When we got out of the movie theatre the paparazzi was right there . So we started to run again . We were so tired . Then we went to yulema’s house .

While we went to her house the paparazzi came but there were in cars and were trying to take pictures of yulema image . So then we quickly got to her house and went in her house . We called the police quickly and they arrested them for bothering her . Then we watched movies and ate pizza . Then i went home but then my mom’s car broke down so i had to stay at Yulema house .

In my conclusion it was the best day of my life .