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A Website Design Company has to bring out the real face of the business. A well designed business can result in a better long term performance of a business. A web design needs to stand out from its competitors so that the customer can relate to it and remember it for a long period of time. And hence, the website design process should be understood and executed properly to ensure a successful website design. Cheap website design is usually a bad bargain, and most of the company that offers website design offer a product that you don't want to try. The first step toward effective website design is understanding what you need your website to do. Getting cheap website traffic to your website is actually fairly simple. But the reality is, most companies can use the affordable website hosting provider and stay well within a budget. We are going to be looking at three imaginary websites. All of these will be cheap web site design projects, but all three of them will look great, as if they had thousands spent on them. E-commerce website traffic can be purchased all the way through back links. In this, informative and well researched articles that contain the link to the website should be written and submitted to various article sites. Cheap web hosting does not necessarily mean that the quality of the services offered is substandard. The Web site will simply have to find affiliates who will promote their website and the affiliates only have to be paid a certain commission for every sale they make.