Career presention

Career description

A professional who is trained to collect, preserve and process evidence at the scene of a crime.A crime scene investigator are the on-the-scene professionals.They are always called to the scene of a crime to make sure that all physical evidence is properly collected, preserved and documented.
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Daily tasks/responsibilities

  • Collect DNA evidence
  • Collect firearms evidence
  • Collect trace evidence
  • All laws are followed
  • All evidence is properly handled, packaged and transported

Education/training needed

To become a csi you need a Bachelor's degree in Criminal justice, forensic science, biology or related field.The training you need is on-the-job training for both forensic science technicians and detectives

Job skills

  • Critical-thinking
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Speaking
  • Writing skills
  • Math skills
  • Science skills
  • Physical stamina

Job outlook

Forensic science technicians are expected to see faster than average employment growth.


The salary for being a crime scene investigator is between $29,244 and $68,757

Work environment

CSI work is often very stressful.They have to deal with long hours and be able to get called in at anytime.Most of them spend time at the crime scene or at labs examining evidence under a microscope

High school preparation Requirements

In order to prepare for this career during high school I can take a law class and join any club that has to do with writing or speaking skills.


  • Berkeley City College
  • University of Illinois at Chicago
  • SUNY College of Technology at Canton

The major I would possibly major in is Law Enforcement Administration.

How To Become A Crime Scene Investigator - Law Enforcement Jobs