A Course in Creativity

creating creatively confident educators and students

Inspired by the book Creative Confidence- Unleashing the creative potential within us all. By Tom and David Kelley

Let's all go on a creative journey to discover/rediscover/celebrate our creatively identity and unleash the creative potential of our students.

Fridays: 20th and 27th Feburary @ 4:05pm-5pm in the JS ART ROOM 226

The JS art room will then be available for self led creative projects every friday afternoon.

Bring a journal!

Sound good? email Kate Ernst to join.


so what are we going to do?

Connect and wonder: How do we regard ourselves creatively? Why? What happens during childhood development that effects our creative confidence?

Explore/Investigate/Discover: Creatively experimenting with creative experiences to create awesomely creative creations.

Sharing knowledge and understanding: Taking it to the kids - A think tank on how we support/or could further implement the creative process (design thinking) in our classrooms during the inquiry cycle.

Reflection and Action- We will continue to explore creative activities and utilise a creative journal to document our creative ideas.

We will reflect on and share how we are teaching creative confidence in the classroom.