8th Grade Newsletter

Keeping you in the "KNOW"

Important Information for the week of January 26th...

Monday, 1/26:
  • IE: Block 1
Tuesday, 1/27:
  • B.T. Career Lesson with Bear/Shelly
  • Team Meeting:
  1. Student Concerns
  2. MP 2 Newsletter Article
  3. Wonder Accountability?
Wednesday, 1/28:
  • B.T. Career Lesson with Nolt/Moser
Thursday, 1/29:
  • Team Meeting:
  1. Fieldtrip
  2. Parent Letter about Course Selection
Friday, 1/30:

Reminders for the week!

1. If you have the career lesson this week please email the BOC teachers with a list of names of students who will be missing BOC due to the lesson.
2. Grades are due by 8:00 AM Wednesday morning
3. This week is binder cleanout and organization week. Please take 10 minutes sometime this week with your Baron Time students to help them start off the second semester well organized.
4. Need to reschedule our career lessons for Finkbeiner/Weneck and Fraley-Hogg/Edgar.
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