Ms.Moreno's Class

1-2 year olds (Blue Room)

Room Layout

In the room there will be a lot of reading, painting, coloring, and working with others.

The blue room will hold up to 8 toddlers.

Weekly activities!

Every day we will do at least two activities!


Monday - Nature walk (collect rocks and flowers), row row row your boat

Tuesday- Ball toss, sing songs (twinkle twinkle little star, if your happy and you know it etc.)

Wednesday- Walk over to elder's home and color them a picture, pop bubbles

Thursday- Dance and fall down, walk through the "jungle"

Friday- Play at the playground (Lava tag etc.), water balloon catch or running through the sprinkler


Monday- Outside shoes

Tuesday- Nothing

Wednesday- Outside shoes

Thursday- Nothing

Friday- Outside shoes, Swim suits