Progressive Era

Madison Young

Women's right to vote

This photo portrays women's rights. For many years they were not allowed to vote and were always looked at stay at home moms and couldn't work outside the home. This picture shows women were finally able to vote and what it looked when this happened. This photo could fall under women's rights or it could fall under political changes; once this happened many things began to change for women, like women's working rights.

Settlement Houses

Settlement houses in America were first established by Jane Adams. They were mostly ran by women. They were for familes to live in and to get back on there feet when moving to places like New York. Many familes lived here making these settlement houses not very clean and sanitary. These settlements house which were similar to Hull houses were very helpful to America and helped familes alot. This picutre happenens to fall under Urbanization and Immigration and represents a room full of children in school and being taught by women in these settlement houses.