Classifying the Colonies

By: Drew McAdams


- Jamestown was the 1st Permanent North American colony. This started the rapid growth of colonies in North America.

- Jamestown was a bad area to settle. It had a low life expectancy, high mortality rate and there was a high chance of conceiving malaria.

- John smith comes and organizes the colony, but leaves from powder burn and this leads to the starving time. This is a period of time in which hundreds of settlers die of starvation.

- John Rolfe becomes the "father of tobacco". This crop becomes what Jamestown gets its revenue from for a long time.

- The house of burgesses became the 1st representative Government In colonial America in 1619.

- Jamestown was founded by younger sons of upper class looking to get gold and fortune. This was one reason why so many settlers died because they couldn't fend for themselves.

- The natives help the colonist through that first harsh winter to survive. This gets the natives and settlers off on the right foot, but unfortunately those good feelings don't last long.

- The settlers were guaranteed same rights as a free English citizens in England. This was put in place so that even though the colonies were located in America they were still connected back to England in some way.

- Dutch slave ship brings first African slaves to colony 1619. This brings in slaves who were genetically fit to work in the fields. This increased the growth of Tobacco.

- The Anglo-Powhatan war changed the settlers views on native Americans. This starts a lifelong dispute between Jamestown and the Natives.

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Massachusetts Bay Colony

- Boston was the main city of the colony. Later this becomes the capital of Massachusetts.

- Colonists took charter for themselves which was very unique compared to other colonies.

- Fur fish and shipbuilding were this colonies main source of revenue. Without these three things the colony's economy would not have been successful.

- John Winthrop was the first Governor of Massachusetts and Played a huge role in setting up the colony.

- Massachusetts grew to be the largest and one of the most influential of all the colonies.

- Massachusetts was colonized by non separatist Puritans to find religious freedom from England.

- The Massachusetts bay colony became a leader in resisting British oppression. This influenced other colonies to do the same.

- The 1773 Boston tea party was a rebellion against unfair taxation. This was one of the first rebellions against the English government.

- Massachusetts was governed by strong Puritan leaders which created an intolerance to other religious views. Therefor, the inhabitants were almost all Puritan.

- This colony made up the largest group to settle in the new world at once. This showed how appealing it was for puritans to move there.

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- William penn was founder of the Colony. As well as being the founder, he was also an influential Quaker leader.

- This colony grew very rapidly because the were no restrictions on immigration.

- The colony was not only established as a haven for Quakers but it was also meant to be a profitable trading center. This would become part of its revenue.

- The Quaker were friendly with natives, but some settlers went against penn's authority and rules and were harsh to the natives.

- Penn founded this colony to be a haven for his fellow members of the Quaker religion. Quakers could live there in peace.

- Philadelphia was the main city within this colony and w the center of a lot of trade.

- The two main industries were agriculture(wheat, corn, cattle,,dairy) and manufacturing(textiles,shipbuilding). These products are what they used in trade.

- Benjamin Franklin was very influential in Pennsylvania. He brought a variety of things to the colony such as inventions, politics and many others.

- Though this colony was a haven for Quakers, they did not oppose people of other religious beliefs living there. This brought a lot of religious diversity.

- Pennsylvania was a large and very fertile region with beautiful land. This attracted settlers to Pennsylvania.

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- Catholics passed the toleration act 1649 which allowed all Christian denominations to live there.

- Lord Baltimore was the founder and was very important to the colony as it was established.

- Maryland granted freedom to all worshipping Christians. This was appealing to many settlers and helped diversify the colony.

- Maryland provided religious safety for Catholics being persecuted. It was not a colony for Protestants only.

-Tobacco was a thriving crop and a main source of revenue.

- Maryland became a proprietor colony so there were no restrictions between business and government.

- The north part of chesapeake better location for settlement vs. Jamestown and help Maryland in the long run.

- The toleration act became less tolerant than before and sentenced a death decree for non Christ believers.

- Lord Baltimore granted large lots of land to catholic relatives. Therefore a large group of inhabitants were Catholic.

-Maryland had a very large slave population which helped them with growing crops like tobacco.

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- James Oglethorpe disliked debtor prisons, so Georgia became a haven for debtors.

- Georgia was a social experiment for debtors and prisoners from England. The majority of its inhabitants were in debt in England.

- Georgia was named after King George II who granted the charter for the colony.

- Silk and wine were main crops. These brought in most of the colonies revenue.

- James Oglethorpe gave his colonists freedom of religion, except for Catholics.

- The Main reason that Georgia was founded was to be a buffer between French Louisiana and Spanish Florida. Therefor it received money from England for defenses.

- One of Georgia's goals was to keep slavery out of the colony. This rare idea eventually failed.

- James Oglethorpe had put a ban on alcohol and slavery. These bans were quickly removed after Oglethorpe went back to England.

- John Wesley became very influential on Georgia as he tried to convert Natives and debtors.

- Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe who was a member of parliament.

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