Rosewood Center

by: Lindsay Thams


  • originally called Asylum and Training School for the Feeble-Minded
  • founded in 1888 in Maryland
  • In 1912, title was changed to Rosewood Training School
  • It became Rosewood State Hospital in 1961
  • In 1981, U.S. Justice Department declared that patients at Rosewood "failed to receive minimally adequate care"
  • closed on June 30, 2009

Policies and Treatment

  • only white people between ages seven and seventy were admitted
  • goal was for "trainable inmates" to become self-supportive at age 17
  • boys were taught farming, gardening, carpentry
  • girls were taught sewing, washing, milking (domestic skills)
  • 1950s: Age restriction removed and integration with hospitals with African American Patients
  • overcrowding, shortage of staff, malpractice, neglect, abuse

Closing Fire

  • Of the two buildings, the main building burned from arson in 2006
  • In March of 2009, Rosewood burned from possible arson, and allowed to burn down completely because it was already approved for demolition