Sixlet Preparation Page!

Want to know some tricks for 6th grade?

Welcome Sixlet's!

Your sixth grade year will be exciting and most importantly fun! You will learn many things as well as meet many new people. You may be worried, trust me I was after the first day I felt comfortable. Don't be afraid to be you, being yourself is the best way to meet and hopefully become friends with new people! If you are afraid also about not one teacher, but seven don't worry they will all love and support you.You have absolutely nothing to worry about!


You may be overwhelmed about the fact you ONLY have 3 minutes to get to class, it really is like the perfect amount of time if not to much. You have the perfect amount of time to go to your locker then to class. I am not saying you should crawl like a snail I am saying walk at a normal pace. Another tip, you really don't need to worry about getting run over in the hall you will be fine! Your schedule will change in the second semester, your WHOLE schedule will not change just your specials. I know that was something I worried about!

Classroom Behavior

Strike System

What is the "Strike System?"

The "Strike System" is a new system the 6th graders are starting, anytime you do something bad you get a strike. Let's say you get 7 that is a call home to parents, now now now I assure you you don't want to know what happens if you get 10. If you get 10 strikes you have to miss out the "Sixth Grade Olympics" only the best day EVER! If you get more than 10 strikes, so say I were to have 12 since you have 2 more strikes then 10 that is how many strikes you will start off with in 7th grade. Let's NOT get strikes.


Your locker may seem intimidating, but once you get the hang of it it is really fun! You should probably go to your locker of course in the morning to put your stuff away, then after second period go to your locker again to if you need to put stuff away and grab stuff for next hour and you lunchbox if you have one. After lunch you will have your second special, then after that special go to your locker to put your lunchbox away, the last time you should go to your locker is the end of your day to grab your backpack etc.