January MPM

Data Driven Instruction & Student Data Folders

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Please enroll in the Canvas course for the pilot.


Please click on the orange button directly below to self-enroll in the Canvas course for the spring semester pilot if you haven't done so already. Think of this "course" as a resource portal for you and your campus. You will be able to see the resources and preparations that your teachers are participating in, as well as participate yourself in the discussions that are there. We will be revisiting the information in this Canvas course at all of the MPMs for the rest of the year. If you need assistance enrolling or navigating, please ask your campus Digital Learning Specialist.

Click here to self-enroll in Blended Year2 course!

Canvas course with discussions, resources, rubrics, and more to help 8th and 10th teachers and coaches prepare to blend!

Click here for Year 2 Principals and Coaches Overview.

Timeline for 8th grade and 10th grade launch!

Click here to see Teacher Timeline for pilot.

8th & 10th roll out timeline for Year 2 Raising Blended Learners grant implementation

Data Folders, Conferencing, & Student Agency

This first month of the pilot, we will be focusing on establishing (or continuing) student data folders as the first piece of the data driven instruction pillar of blended learning. Teachers will be supported as they implement paper or digital student data folders and help students create SMART goals that they will then begin tracking and then conferencing with their teacher about progress. Resources and templates are available for the teachers in the Canvas course.

Considerations for the student data folders:

  • students need to have access to them
  • each campus PLC may decide how they want to implement the folder as far as specific charts, data used, and paper vs. digital
  • student reflection and goal setting needs to happen somehow
Click here for presentation from the meeting.

Google Slides presentation about Data Folders & Student Agency

How Can You Support Your Teachers with this Pillar?

  • Provide manila folders if your teachers need them.
  • At the end of the month, ask to see some sample folders and talk with teachers about their observations.
  • Walk-through ELAR classes and see how students are using the folders.
  • If you think your teachers need more (or different) support, please email Tosh or Cheryl and we will work with you on their specific needs. Open communication is crucial.
  • Celebrate your teachers' and students' progress with this pillar. (Weekly newsletter? Instagram? Twitter? Shout out in faculty meeting?)

Questions about Birdville Blended Learning?

If you have questions about the blended learning models, please:

  • visit the district Blended Learning web-page
  • contact your student's teacher or campus administrator
  • email the Birdville Blended Project Manager, Cheryl McKnight or Blended support, Tosh McGaughy