George Herman Ruth [Babe Ruth]

By Miles Brooke

Early Years

I was born on February 6,1895 in Baltimore, Maryland in my grandfather's house. That house is still there and now it is the Babe Ruth Museum. When I was five years old, I stole money from cash registers. One day my father took me to St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys. I asked my father for one more chance, but it was too late.
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Years at St Mary's

At St Mary's I was a shirt maker and was the best baseball player in the school. The person who taught me to play baseball was Brother Matthis. He could swing a bat with one hand. One day Jack Dunn the manager of the Baltimore Orioles came to St Mary's and asked me to do some pitches for him. I did some pitches and then he said he would like if I would join the Baltimore Orioles. I said yes and said goodbye to my St Mary's friends and left.

How I Got My Nickname

When I was with the Baltimore Orioles it was the first time I rode a train. Elevators were interesting to me, too. I went up and down them for hours. One day, I almost got my head crushed because I was leaning out the side of the elevator. My manager said, "You are just a babe in the woods," because I was so young. From that day on, I was known as Babe Ruth.

With the Red Sox

Everyone wanted me and the Orioles sold me to the Red Sox. I only hit 9 home runs in my first 4 years with the Red Sox, but in 1918 I hit 11 home runs in one season. In 1914, I married Helen Woodford and adopted a girl named Dorothy. With me the Red Sox won 5 World Series.
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The Curse

One day in Boston the Red Sox manager Harry Frazee was losing money so he decided to trade me. He traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees for $125,000. Boston fans thought that was the stupidest trade in history. The Red Sox never won the World Series for 80 years after that trade.

With the Yankees

The first 2 days I struck out and dropped a fly ball but after that it was different. In 1920 I hit 54 home runs, more then any other team in the league. In 1921 I hit 59 home runs. The Yankees played at the New York Giants ballpark polo grounds but the attention went to me so the Giants kicked us out. The Yankees decided to build their own stadium. They put up Yankee Stadium, the biggest ballpark in the country. It is known as the house that Ruth built.
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My called shot

The Yankees were playing the Chicago Cubs in the World Series 1932 at Wrigley field. They started putting numbers on the back of their uniforms according to the batting order. I batted third so I got to wear the number 3. When it was my turn at bat, I pointed to the center field seats, and when the pitcher threw the ball I hit the ball right where I pointed. My home run helped us win the game and the World Series.

Last few swings [ Boston Braves ]

I wanted to be the manager for the Yankees but the Yankees didn't need me to manage. But the Boston Braves wanted me badly. The Braves also promised me that one day I might be manager. I signed with them and went back to Boston. On my final day of my career, in Pittsburgh I hit a home run in the first inning I hit one in the third inning and hit one over the ballpark in the seven inning. That was it I hit 714 home runs in my career.

End of my life

After baseball I did some golf. Then I got a sore throat. The doctors said it was cancer so I had to stay in the hospital. In 1948 every ballpark celebrated Babe Ruth day so I got out of bed and got there. After that I went back home. I knew I was dying but I didn't want to be in my hospital bed waiting for the end,so I went to Florida and did some things there. Then I finally went back to New York and I died in my hospital bed.