Computer Components And More!

Team Blaise Pascal

Here is a list of different computer scientists and what they did...

  • Tim Berners-Lee. (Invented the world wide web.)
  • Alan Turing. (Created a robotic brain to crack the German's codes.)
  • Blaise Pacal. (Clarified the concepts of pressue and vaccum.)
  • Ada Lovelace. (Her notes contained the first algorithm intended to be processed by a machine.)
  • Charles Babbage. (Called the father of the computer.)
  • Grace Hopper. (developed the first compiler.)
  • Seymour Cray. (In the past he made the fast computer in the world.)

Here is a list of different computer components and what they do...

  • Mother Board. (The main circuit in the computer.)
  • CPU. (The computer's brain.)
  • Hard Drive. (The main storage.)
  • RAM. (Another storage place and where you load up data while you run the software.)
  • Video Card. (Controls the display monitor.)
  • Floppy Disk Drive. (Where you insert the floppy disks.)
  • Power Supply. (Where the power supply is made and used.)

Key words and what they mean...

  • Input. (Enters a process.)
  • Output. (Exits a process.)

Four generations of computers...

  • Generation one: The first ever electronic computer called 'Colossus' was created during the second world war and looks really complicated. Afterwards it was destroyed! There is now a recreated Colossus in a museum.
  • Generation two: The next kind of computer were 'Transistors' which replaced giant machines proving computers have been going down in size since the beginning!
  • Generation three: Transistors were shrunk and placed on siliconchips called semiconductors which increased the speed.
  • Generation four: Microprocessors were invented and thousands of integated circuits were put on to one silicon chip.


  • Charles Babbage says that you have done very well. Have great details! :-)
  • Grace Hopper says this is very colourful and has a lot of useful information...
  • Seymour Cray this has great description and colour.