The Core

March 27, 2020, Volume 11, Issue 28

Principal's Notes

Dear Parents & Guardians,

We are sending out our most positive thoughts to all of our Orchard Families. We hope you are healthy, active and safe. This marks the end of our first full week outside of school. We have lots of news to share, so please read carefully:

Important News! Governor Scott announced Thursday night that there will no longer be in-person instruction for the remainder of the school year. This means that Orchard School will officially be closed. The Governor's decree also states that we are to begin remote instructional plans soon. This will be an overwhelming task and we will really need you as educational partners. This is very sudden but our staff will rise to the occasion. We will have more to share on this very soon.

Meals: The delivery of meals from school buses has been getting better and more efficient every day. Our school lobby (as well as the other SBSD school lobbies) is also a place to pick up food. Please contact us if we are not getting meals to you. Here is a link to our Nutritional Services Department for more information:

As mentioned last week, some of our families may be experiencing economic hardship as businesses are shutting down and employees are being laid off. For families who are struggling, remember that free breakfast and lunch are available for students. Here is a link to the form to complete. If you cannot reach anyone at Nutrition Services, feel free to reach out to me, I will follow through for you. It is all confidential. I'm including the free breakfast/lunch application below and here is a link to our food service program:

School Work: We were able to get educational packets out to our students last Monday. We had a decent turnout rate but also spent the next few days connecting with families and getting the remainder of the packets out. Our goal is to do better next week. Please be on the look out for the bus in your neighborhood on Monday morning.

Parents – please keep in mind that we are hoping to get all books and equipment back, we are not looking to collect the student's actual school work. Please share your feedback with teachers regarding the packets being sent home.

Giving Back: A number of families are contacting me asking how they can help to provide for Orchard families who are financially struggling. Though I am limited to request funds, I can say that our PTO hosts our Amelia Sperry Community Helpers Fund. This foundation was started to help students get access to enrichment activities and to help families, who have suffered setbacks, with such things as a food card or an emergency cell phone.

Our Photo Journal: Check out our first round of photos from this past week. We would love to get your photos (and comments) posted too. about what students and families are doing away from school. Please send me photos and/or comments and I will try to get a few in The Core each week. You can reach me at

Also, check out our link Cool Tools for School link on the Students tab on the website. Our Librarian, Donna Sullivan-Macdonald has been putting together some awesome links. One of my favorites is the YouTube Series on Drawing Every Day by an Orchard friend and author, Jarrett Krosoczka (author of the Lunch Lady Heros series), they're awesome!

We are committed to serving the families of Orchard School and South Burlington. Have a good week; be safe, be well and take some time to read with your child.

Mark Trifilio

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Home Photos of Week 1 - Thank You Families!

Resources from our Library

There is an ever-growing collection of resources being shared online by authors and illustrators. These include everything from the first chapter and picture book read alouds (all shared with permission) to mini-lessons for drawing and writing. Some favorites include:

Read, Wonder, and Learn! Favorite Authors & Illustrators Share Resources for Learning Anywhere - Spring 2020

This is an amazing resource from author Kate Messner's website. Favorite authors and illustrators share parts of their books.

Let's Keep Reading! Keep Thinking with Interactive Read Aloud

If you'd like to view a live visit with an author or illustrator, check out this list. So many talented people are sharing time through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or their websites.

Vermont librarians have been curating SO many resources that may be of interest to parents and teachers. You may access the Learning at Home list, which includes a helpful table of contents, here.

Finally (for now), Lightbox has made available all 788 of their interactive e-books until August 1st. Please click here to access them.

Donna Sullivan-Macdonald

Library Media & Instructional Technology Specialist

Orchard School

PTO News

Hannaford Helps - 2 Ways!

1. The purchase and use of the Hannaford reusable bag contributes to $1 per use additional to Orchard.

2. The Hannaford Helps Schools program is being refreshed – and the timing is changing from fall to spring!

The 2020 program will run March 1 - May 16.

Since the program's inception, we've raised almost $13 million to help schools and schoolkids reach their goals. Moving the program to spring allows us to offer even more participating products, tally up the program over the summer, and send checks to you when you return to school in the fall. It's a win-win!

Please keep an eye out for your School Packet, which contains great tools to promote the program including posters and informational rack cards.

We look forward to a great spring and successful program!

Do you have PTO questions? Please find us online or ask Mr. Trifilio to put you in touch:





Help from our School Counselors

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Photos of Spring at Orchard School - okay it's a little sarcasm

Joke of the Week

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