Facts of the Sun

By: Moses Manyiel

The Sun

The Sun can be found at the center of the solar system and is also a really hot star. It takes about 8 min for the Sun's light to reach Earth. The Sun is 150 million kilometers away that's 92.95 million miles away.

The Sun Temperature

It is very hot on the Sun. It's surface temperature is around 9941 Fahrenheit degrees.

Sun in Mythology

The was a big part in Egyptian myth. The had worshiped the sun as their god and called him Ra. The ancient Aztecs also saw the sun as a god and had taken it very seriously they would sacrifice people for him so the wouldn't anger him. There were many other people who looked toward the sun as a god. Like the Romans who saw him as Apollo
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This picture shows the sun in the center of the solar system and the 9 other planets revolting around it.