My Friend Mariana

a) My best friend´s is Mariana She´s very beautiful, and really funny. She´s 15, and she´s a student at school in Mexico City. She has a lot of friends and a great boyfriend. His name is Javier, he´s 15 and he´s also at school.

b) Mariana is from the Mexico City. HEr parents have a house in a Xochimilco. Her mother has a teacher job in de school.

c) She has a brother. their name is Rodrigo. Rodrigo is 2 years. He is a baby. Mariana has a lot of music. her favorite music rock, punk. rock & roll, blues and K-pop; and favourite band is An cafe. She likes cook, watch movies action, horror and laughter

watch anime and read manga, buy clothing accessories and shoes. She also wach movies. She an her brother, Rodrigo, love watching television.

When we´re togerther, we have a really good time.