Frankenstein and Jurassic Park.

Similarities and Differences


Dr. Frankenstein (Frankenstein)

Dr. Grant (Jurassic Park)


Humanity of the world (Frankenstein)

Dennis Nedry (Jurassic Park)


Victor Frankenstein struggles on the topic of creating a mate for his monster. (Frankenstein)

John Hammond struggles to know if opening his theme park is a good idea. (Jurassic Park)


The death of Frankenstein's fiance. (Frankenstein)

When the protagonists finds out that the raptors are out and loose from their paddock. (Jurassic Park)


Foolishness and folly hurts everyone, especially committed by strong people.

Changing the course of nature can be very dangerous.


Robert Walton wanted to reach the North Pole to study nature in that area. (Frankenstein)

Victor Frankenstein desired to "master nature". (Frankenstein)

Mr. Hammond passionately wanted to find a way to create his dinosaur theme park. (Jurassic Park)

Dr. Grant desperately wanted to make sure the people he cared for were safe. (Jurassic Park)