By: Hammad Waheed

what do Engineers do?

well engerners build and fixes like houses. engerners get paid so much. if you stay there for a long time until 1:00 you will paid more than a thousand dollars. if something gets damaged you need to fix it. and if you want help you can call someone or call a group. If you skip some much days on your job you will get fired.

what do engineers where and how to become one?

If I am a enginner I have to where a dark blue shirt with black pants. well this is how I become a enginner I have to get a high school deploma, and a tranning program. I like this job because I get to thing on my own, I could make friends with people, I could work in a group of people. IF you don't have a high school deploma or a Tranning program you could not get this , but if you do get a high school deploma and a Tranning program you will get the job

where can you work?

you can work indoors, outdoors, and group work. I think that group work is good because If your by yourself then you night have a hard time, but with group work its easy then you wont have any trouble. Now some people like to work outside, and some people like to work inside. Well you can work outdoors or in doors. some of the work are indoors, but you can chose where do you want to work.

What are some responsibilities?

If you want to be a really good worker hear are some responsibilities. The first responsibilitie is help others. If someone is in trouble I should help them. And if do help the person you will get paid more. So helping others is a really good responsibilities. The next responsibility is talk about it. So if your in a group work and the work that your group got is really hard. And you don't know what to do. Well you should talk about it. If you talk about it it wont be hard.

how much Engineers get paid?

So I did all this work , but wait how much do I get paid hammad? Well this is how much you get paid. If you work and help people and do your job good you get paid 51,000! That's a lot of money. SO your probably thinking that's it that's all you get paid? Actually no you don't get paid just 51,000. If I work all the way through 1:00 you will get paid more then 51,000 you will get paid 66,000.

how do engineers take a break?

So when Engineers are done working and there really tired well they could take a brake. So now we know how engineers work. Is engineering hard or easy in my opinion I will chose hard because it dose take some time. So you probably think is easy I think its a little hard. If you want to be a engineer then be one just remember If you have a dream to become someone then be one and never let no one pick one for you be yourself.